Thursday, 4 June 2015

Struggling to Pause

Blue water,
Sparkling from the shining sun,
The sound of the ocean,

Wide open beaches,
Create the feeling of space,
The gentle lapping of the sea against the shore,
The illusion of time.

Yet I cannot pause and relax,
The need to push on,
For fear of missing something
Swells inside,
The need to see everything,
Do everything,
Make the most of everything.

What if making the most of everything,
Is sitting still, silent,
Taking in the beautiful scenery,
To be in the moment instead of pondering the next.

So I lay out my towel,
Sink my feet into the sand,
And I sit, still, silent,
Gazing out at the blue water,
Sparkling from the shining sun. 

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