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At school, I took art at GCSE, I was not that good at drawing or painting realistic images but enjoyed prints, abstract and mixed media. I also enjoy photography, however I am not sure I am very good at any of these things. I like the thought of being creative, the freedom and expression it allows but I do not make time for it in my day to day life. This is something I want to change. One of the reasons I wanted to have this blog is to have a space for creativity, through writing and photography. I also want to learn how to customise the page, that may take some time though so please bear with.

I discovered the blog Emma Inks while on the train home from a hen party in London on Sunday. I was particularly excited by her post about the #ArtyProject. A project created by two beauty bloggers to dedicate time to being arty. A theme is revealed every two months and the bloggers involved will post every two weeks with their ideas and progress in relation to their piece of art and the current theme. The project is open to anyone who wants to join.

Current theme: Beauty

I think the two months for this theme is coming to an end so I do not think I will be able to create a piece of art for it but am hoping to join in with the next one. I did have a think about being creative with the theme though and thought I might write a poem. I have scribbled a few notes in my pad and looked through Pinterest for some other ideas and inspiration.

What I find really interesting about the #ArtyProject is how the different people taking part approach the subject.

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself" -Coco Chanel (via @beautyhigh) // #QuotesToLiveBy
Image from Pinterest

Pinterest led me to a photo project, Atlas of Beauty, by Mihaela Noroc. 

'I realized that beauty is everywhere'

 'There are many aspects of beauty'   

Mihaela Noroc
Mihaela Noroc
Though ultimately, the project affirmed Noroc's beliefs.
Mihaela Noroc
This led to her photo project "Atlas of Beauty," where she spent the next 15 months traveling the world taking pictures of women in 37 different countries.
Mihaela Noroc
Mihaela Noroc

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