Monday, 27 April 2015

A Day By The Seaside

Having grown up in a seaside town, I love being near the sea. Last weekend a friend and I took a little road trip to Brighton. Our primary reason for the day trip was the Passenger gig but as Mr Sunshine had been present and shown his face a number of times in the week before we decided to make a day of it.

I have only been to Brighton twice before, once about fours years ago with a friend for a short beach break for a few days of mooching around and relaxing. The second was three years ago for another friends twenty first birthday, a night of cocktails and dancing and time for fish and chips on the pier before returning home.

My favourite thing about Brighton is all the artwork, galleries and studios that can be found along the seafront. There were so many pretty things that I would have loved to have bought but I restrained myself and limited my purchase to one item, a book of photography by Gill Copeland. The book grabbed my attention because it documents a journey for the photographer, something I would like to use photography for later in the year.

Here are a few photo's from the day


People describe life as a series of chapters. I will soon be entering into a new one of my own, re-entering the world of employment. For the last three years I have been a student, challenging my mind, belief in myself and ability to manage stress. Graduating in October will be one of my greatest achievements. I have learnt to look at things from different perspectives, to consider the thoughts and situations of others, to be reflective and to question.

From Google Images

My life moving forwards will become less consumed by essay writing and will be replaced with early starts to travel to my new place of employment and returning home after six five days a week. It will be as challenging as university only in a different way but hopefully equally as rewarding, if not more so.

I wanted to start writing again to document things that are important to me; my family, friends, making the most of life and exploring areas that are of interest.