Thursday, 25 June 2015


I am finally home after three weeks away, two on holiday and one staying with my Grandad to be his carer while my parents had a break and flew to Menorca for a week in the sun. My boys enjoyed being home, after staying at my Grandad's for the three weeks. Being home means they have their cat flap and their independence back. They can roam free in the garden and neighbouring ones.



This coming July will mark the three of us living in this house for four years! It has gone so quick and I can't quite believe all that has happened during that time. The year I moved out of my parents home and into my own I changed my career, to the health and social care sector not knowing if it would be for me as it turned out it is, been to university to further that career and am starting a new job in the field on Monday. I have also been fortunate enough to go one holidays with friends, family and on my own and spend lots of quality time with friends and family doing everyday things as well as going to festivals and celebrating things in their lives. Things like, returning from travelling, gaining qualifications, getting a dream job, new homes and engagements.

It took a while, a few years in fact, for this house to really feel like my home. Perhaps it was because I always kept myself quite busy and had such a lot going on in my life to really spend much time at home or much time making it mine. It has only been the last few years when walking through the front door I got 'aw I'm home' feeling. It may have been time but I think it helped that I started to make small changes too. I bought little items, lamps, pictures and candles and re-painted a few rooms.

On one hand I wish I had re-vamped the whole house before I moved in so it was new, fresh and felt more like mine but on the other I kind of like that the house in evolving and growing with me. Three things I'm planning to do this year;

1. re-paint the kitchen
2. paint the stairs
3. put more of my photographs up on the walls

The kitchen needs to be re-painted out of necessity more than choice, last year I had a leak in my bathroom which caused a whole in my kitchen ceiling. This has since been repaired but I have not gotten around to re-painting. Currently, I have a lovely plaster coloured ceiling. The two main reasons for avoiding this has been that I do not like the idea of painting a ceiling or around my cupboards, both just look really awkward! Last year I painted my banister white to match the doors, for some reason the previous owner had white doors all through the house but kept the dark wood banister. It only took me three years to change it. The small pieces of carpet I have downstairs in the lounge and the stairs and upstairs landing is old and needs replacing but I'm not sure I want to change it for me carpet, I have heard carpet can be quite expensive. Instead, I thought about taking up the carpet, sanding the wood underneath and painting it, although I still need to firmly decide on a colour. My thoughts are heading towards a slate grey, this is because white will show the dirt and black is too dark. I also thought that slate grey would go nicely with the pastel pink in the hallway and upstairs landing. We will see...

Finally, I have had an interest in photography for a few years but usually end up taking a load of photo's and then doing nothing with them. I want that to change. Amongst other things, I also want to actually learn how to use my DSLR camera properly instead of leaving it on its automatic setting, pointing it and clicking the button. For Christmas my parents had one of my photographs printed and I have it framed on my wall by the dining table. It's a photograph of a place that is very special to me and allows me to feel calm, peaceful and reflective when I look at it. I would like to get a few photos from my recent road trip printed, partly as a reminder to myself that I did it and that I saw some really stunning sights.

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