Sunday, 21 June 2015


Today is Father's Day but as well as thinking about how important my Dad is to me, I decided to also reflect on how other members of my family are too. This is because although my Dad is a very significant person in my life he is one member of my family who are all important to me. I come from quite a small family but we are quite compact, sadly we used to be closer. Growing up there were many family dinners where we would all gather together and sit around the table for hours talking, eating and drinking. In the last few years we have drifted apart a little, growing in different directions and living our lives separately. However, having said all of this, we are still there for each other. The thing love most abut my family and something I am extremely grateful for is that if something happens we all pull together and are there to help and support each other. 

Both my parents have made sacrifices so that my sister and I have always had perhaps not what we wanted but what we needed. Getting things we wanted was reserved for special occasions. I think this has made us value our possessions and gifts. My family have taught me to have a good work ethic. I am happy to work hard to get what I want and to work my way up. I feel this is what I have been doing for the last five years, since moving into health and social care and will continue to do in my new job. On the subject of my career in the health and social sector, my parents also allow and support me to make my own choices even if they are not sure they are the right ones. Changing my career was a decision they were concerned about, they were not sure it was for me, I was not sure either at the time but it was something I wanted to try and it worked. They have allowed me to find my way while letting me know that they are behind me, ready to catch me if I fall. I feel very lucky to have such good relationships with my parents and my sister. My sister is younger than me but as she is the less feisty of the two of us, she is often the person I turn to for advice on how to manage things in a calmer manner. I think we have grown closer in recent years as we have gotten older and I love this. There are also other close family members who I have spent time with during my childhood and now in adulthood who have taught me a lot and provided many great experiences and for those I am extremely thankful. 

Overall I am definitely a family girl and feel for those who do not or who have not had similar experiences as me. I like days like Mother's and Father's Day to take the time to reflect on what my parents have done for me and continue to do for me, to say I love you and thank you. I am also aware that parental figures do not have to be biological, they may be step parents, adoptive parents or foster carers, all of which can offer love, stability, guidance and support. All can be significant. I hope I can use my positive experiences with children who enter my life through family or friends.  

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  1. So true... family, friends, ... love!

    Have you seen my recent post yet ?

    1. Thanks Valerie

      PS your cat is gorgeous x