Sunday, 24 May 2015

Achievements and Limitations

3. Another weakness that Tris has is not feeling good enough. She is unsure is she has what it takes to do thing, so she ends up holding herself back.

This fear of mine often stands in my way. Slowly, over the last five years my confidence in myself has steadily grown. It is still not great, my last written report from a University Placement Supervisor included the familiar feedback; needs to have more confidence in her ability. Small and large achievements over the years have been like building blocks, slowly building up my confidence. Some of my achievements include; getting a diploma, getting into university and being offered a job in an area that I am excited to work in. Each of these experiences reinforces the fact that I am good enough, I just need to believe it.

I realised a few years ago that I did not want to allow my fear to hold me back and I found a quote that I really liked, 'The key to living is to not be afraid.' I added a few sentences to it and had it tattooed on me, to continuously remind me how I want to live my life;

Have no regrets, 
Learn from mistakes and wrong choices, 
Take every opportunity that comes your way, 
The key to living is to not be afraid. 

I push myself to stick to this, throwing myself into situations that make me feel uncomfortable at times but that I want to experience. I have volunteered at a number of different organisations, each one has taught me something, made me question my beliefs and values and reawakened my gratitude for the family and lifestyle that I have. I have also gained new experiences through going to university, meeting and working with new people. One of my university placements even led me to doing a skydive last year! 

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I would be really interested to hear about other tricks for overcoming fears

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