Sunday, 17 May 2015

A Sunday Stroll

I love these kinds of days in May, bright and warm, bringing with them the promise of Summer. I enjoy making the most of Mr Sunshine even if the temperature is still a little chilly, I will happily wrap up with extra layers. Being a student has given me more flexibility around when I work as long as my work is completed by deadlines, therefore, I have sometimes been fortunate enough to leave the books for a while during these bright days and go out for a walk with my Nan. Or, if I don't have the time to drive the twenty minutes to hers I take a short walk along the river near my house. Having grown up near the sea I like being by and in the water, I find it calming.

What I don't love is feeling as though I am wasting the lovely weather, being stuck inside in front of my laptop working on my dissertation. So today I combined a walk along the river with a trip to the shop to get some essentials, allowing me to feel less guilty about stepping away from my laptop. These last few weeks I have felt a bit crap and run down, the last time I felt like this for a period of time I checked it out with my doctor, my blood results showed that I had low iron levels which was contributing to how I felt. So I have decided that I will try increasing my intake of Iron and see if I begin to feel any better. Today while I was out I picked up some broccoli and spinach and when I go and do my larger shop in a few days I will be stocking up on a few more Iron packed foods.

Another excuse I like to use to make myself feel better about stepping away from the books is keeping my garden in some sort of shape. Both my Nan's enjoyed gardening, my almost 92 year old Nan still potters around in hers. I, however, did not inherit green fingers. I'm going for the natural look but still have to cut the grass, strim the edges, pull out a few weeds and water the plants occasionally. Also, my parents put a lot of effort in creating the borders for me a few years ago and both Nan's have bought me plants over the years. I have been brought up to respect and take care of gifts which is the main reason why I try to keep on top of it. Plus I like to sit outside and invite friends to join me in the summer and like my home to be a level of presentable.

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