Sunday, 10 April 2016

My A-Z

I've seen a few similar posts recently, posts that share a little more about the people behind the blog. I am quite nosey and love these posts! I also liked the challenge of thinking about words starting with each letter of the alphabet - so here goes;

Adoption and fostering; I want a family some day but as it stands I don't have the urge to experience pregnancy or giving birth. I also truly believe that I can love a child who does not share my dna as if they were. I also really want to visit, travel and do some volunteering in Africa.

Bread; is a big weakness of mine, give me a basket of mixed breads, olive oil and balsamic vinegar any day of the week.

Coffee and cats; I have recently made an effort to cut down and have about two cups of coffee a day. A real treat is a caramel or cinnamon latte. I have to say Costa is a favourite. I couldn't not mention my two fur babies, Alfie and Ollie.

Dessert; when eating out, I always check out the dessert menu first if possible. I then plan my whole meal around my dessert choice.

Eating and exercise; as I've mentioned in a few posts I've been trying to eat well and exercise more to fulfil my New Year intention to be happier and healthier.

Flowers; I love a bunch of fresh, pretty flowers. Sometimes when I do my food shop I pick up a bunch of reasonably priced beauties from my local supermarket.

Grandparents; I value the time I spend with them and make the effort to do this regularly as at their ages I am not sure how much longer they will be in my life. I also sponsor a little girl who lives in Ghana.

Hot showers; I can stand under a hot shower for almost as long as I could lay in a bath. I would have to say that I am more of a shower person.

Jogging; I am really trying to make more of an effort to get back into this. I really enjoy jogs that feel relatively easy (this is a very rare occurrence). I have spent more time on my cross trainer lately though so need to get back out there!

Kicking back and relaxing; although I often talk about wanting to do this I struggle do actually do it. I hate feeling as though I have wasted the day (feeling un-productive).

Lists and lie-ins; I am not a morning person and do not like having to get out of bed before 9 or 9.30am. I also love a list, it helps me organise what needs to get done.

Marc Jacobs; the bag my parents bought me for my 18th birthday is still the only designer item that I own. Mondays, I dislike.

Nervousness; I would say I am quite a nervous person, I fear change rather than embrace it. This is possibly due to my ability to overthink everything.

Organised; I like to be organised, actually, if I'm being honest it's more of a need. I also need others around me to be just as I organised, if not it throws me completely and I have a mini meltdown (usually in my head). I would love to be more spontaneous.

Photography; I love snapping moments that I can keep, to look back at and remember. I also like taking more artistic photos of buildings, peeling paint and the like.

Reading; most evenings I climb into bed and reach for my book. I can read for 10 minutes to an hour or more depending on how tired I am, what other thoughts I have in my head and how good my book is. I have three books on my Kindle to get through during my holiday.

Sunshine; even if it's still cold outside, seeing the sun shine never fails to make me smile.

Travel; although I haven't holidayed in Europe (I have yet to get a stamp in my passport), there are so many places I want to visit. I want to see the world!

Unknown; I hate the anxious feeling this creates.

Virgo; my star sign.

Walking; something I really enjoy with family, friends and on my own. I love being outside in the fresh air. Completing a walk also makes me feel as though I have achieved something.

Yoga; this ties in with a few others. I really enjoy my time on the mat, if I concentrate hard enough I can create a calm, peaceful place for me to practice, quieting my mind of other thoughts and focusing on the present.

I didn't manage to do every letter of the alphabet but don't think I've done too badly.

I'd love to read yours, send me links

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