Sunday, 3 April 2016

Holiday Preparation

How do you get ready for a holiday?
Are you someone that counts down the days or sleeps about a month before you leave? Or someone that leaves things to the last minute?
I am usually someone who likes to be planned and organised. However when it comes to preparing for a holiday I often leave a lot until the last minute. I fly to Rhodes next week and it's only this weekend that I have started to feel excited about it. Work has been crazy busy, not unusual, although the short week due to the Easter bank holiday hasn't helped me get on top of things before I go on leave. I spent the day with my Mum a few weeks ago as I had some annual leave to use before April and we did end up doing a little holiday shopping, picking up a few items; a new pair of black denim shorts, a few tops and pairs of sandals. I was fully aware that my Sister will have at least two outfits for each day so felt I too had to make a bit of an effort.
We are going away as a family to celebrate my Sister's 21st birthday. When I go away I enjoy spending time relaxing, reading a book by the pool and wandering around traditional towns and quaint coves and stretches of beach with turquoise coloured sea and actual sand underfoot instead of stones. Some people may not like the idea of going on holiday with their family but I'm quite looking forward to it, we usually have a good time when we're together. We have agreed that we can go and do our own thing at times so there isn't the pressure of spending all our time together which might help keep the peace.
Things I've already done:
  • bought new clothes & sandals
  • stocked up on sun lotion and after sun
  • downloaded books for the Kindle
  • started to clean the house
  • bought my Sister's gift
  • done a few loads of washing
  • ordered my European health card
Things left to do:
  • pack!
  • get holiday insurance
  • finish cleaning the house
  • paint my toe nails so they are sandal and beach ready
  • stock up on cat food as my lovely friend will be looking after my boys
  • make sure my cameras memory card is empty and the battery is charged

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