Sunday, 12 July 2015

Finding My Feet

The last two weeks have been spent getting used to my new job and new routines. I have found it really tiring and the days just seem to fly by! Something that has been really helpful is that the team I am working with are very friendly and welcoming. They were even thoughtful enough to acknowledge a colleague and I receiving our final university results and discovering that we had passed our degree. I thought it was a lovely gesture, it really is about the little things sometimes.

At times during the last two weeks I have felt a little uncertain, unsure of my ability. When this happens I try and give myself a bit of a pep talk and reassure myself. I have proven that I can do this I just need to believe in myself and realise that it is normal to not walk into a job and know exactly what to do straight away. I am trying to be realistic and not expect too much from myself like I normally do. Having the positive previous experience of working in an adoption team for my student placement last year has really helped with reassuring myself and my self confidence.

Eager to learn and to do my best I signed up to attend a training session on the first Saturday after starting the job. The day was really great for two reasons, firstly, it reinforced things that I already knew, which increased confidence in my ability, and secondly, I learnt about new strategies that I can use in my practice. My employer also allows TOIL (time off in lieu) so I can take the hours back at the end of this month and spend an extra day in Amsterdam.

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I had planned to get back into healthier eating and exercising regularly when I started work. I thought having more routine would help but my big ideas haven't really gone to plan. My two biggest issues at the moment are time, the lack of, and energy, again the lack of. Monday's have started positively, I have had the weekend to go shopping and prepare meals for the first few days of the week. I have also gone out jogging after work on both Monday's but have not been able to keep it up throughout the week. My aim is to go back to going out jogging three times a week, when I was doing this last year I found it much easier once I got into the routine.


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